We are  committed to make change in this world through media


So many people underestimate the lack of empowerment coming from our media environment: media do not empower us to make change in this world at the pace we need it.

It is one thing to take all the right decisions (and it is rare), but it is another thing to have society embrace, encourage, engage in these changes. Only media can help achieve that, and media today are irresponsible, mostly focused on entertainment, sensational negative news and the monetization of people's attention at the benefit of consumerism.

Fortunately, media power came back in people's hands in the last decade. We are media. By some incredible twist of fate, we have been empowered to convey information again better, faster and more efficiently than anything else in this world. And, it is now up to us to convey the right information, to create the right media environments that will reshape our destiny by placing life and love back at the center of our development.


Cities of Love Franchise


Cities of Love started 15 years ago as a series of motion pictures illustrating the universality of love in major cities around the world.

  1. Cities of Love started with the international success of Paris, Je T’aime, which was selected as opening film of the Un Certain Regard section at the Cannes International Film Festival 2006. This first instalment of the  Cities of Love format became both commercially successful and critically acclaimed all around the world, thus opening new perspectives for what we call “collective feature-films”; and the Format was improved since then. Paris, Je T’aime gathered around US$ 21 million in global net revenues.
  2. New York, I Love You established the Cities of Love format and made it a franchise. The narrative structure, the creative & production process, the legal environment, the collaborative framework with US guilds were clearly defined and consigned in a 400-page production guideline, which allowed us to start selling licenses around the world to producers eager to produce their City, I Love You movie, whether they wanted their instalment to involve international talent or only domestic talent.
  3. With Rio, I Love You, we unfolded a "marketing" strategy adapted to these films with the launching, 2.5 years before the release, of an Integrated Marketing Communication platform showing multiple forms of “Love in and for the city". Rio was showcased as a place of creativity, beauty, cultural diversity, focusing on neighborhoods, identity through lifestyle, creative industries, education, quality of life and sustainable development. The whole initiative created the sustainable community of the people who love Rio, and that community, once empowered, started to make change.

Our experience in Rio has changed our model by opening new perspectives for social impact.


City, I Love You Platforms


Existing through numerous activations in real life that we document in a beautiful way and share with millions of people, City, I Love You Platforms have the mission to spread love “in” and “for” cities. They are “strictly” positive media players in cities’ ecosystems doing good for cities, doing good for people, and doing more with less.

Chosing the city where you live today is major statement: whether you stay where you were born or pick somewhere else.

We work with all the creative forces of a city: developers, architects, designers, artists, photographers, filmmakers, bloggers can showcase the city with their best achievments and content, and we use media, contests, wide distribution and viewership as incentives. Story-telling can help feature neighbourhoods, communities, craftsmanship, achievements, unsung heroes, contributing celebrities, local unicity... with the goal to make people proud of their cities and to sustain hope locally for younger generations. Media can be very empowering. City, I Love You Platforms are also naturally creating synergies with each city’s cultural agenda (i.e. biennales, festivals, fashion week, music & cultural fairs, industry expos, world expo, world cup, olympic games, etc.).

Growing and growing, the community of the people who love a city soon becomes:

  • an audience for a myriad of small initiatives that show "love" to the city through creative industries, education, innovation, infrastructure and sustainable development;

  • a target for corporations and brands that want to belong in a city in the long run, and build a relationship with their citizens.

We thus build partnerships with brands to create specific value-driven initiatives and campaigns showing love and care to the city and its inhabitants. We show the brands themselves, and increase their recognition for the right reasons, but we do not show their products as we prioritize the establishment of a genuine relationship with people. We do not place products in people's face, but we work on the brand equity.


Our Vision


Each Cities of Love initiative focuses on a city bringing forth the distinctive qualities and character of that location, while illuminating the stories and feeling in us all, bridging the gap between cultures, educating and entertaining at once, and aiming at making these cities better places to live.

Our future lies in cities, and each of them faces specific and serious challenges, ecological and social. Our urban evolution will determine our future as human beings. Creativity has a major card to play and can serve the purpose of eco-city development: we need to create mechanisms that inspire citizens / communities, and empower them to make change. Cities of Love platforms adress today’s challenges with a positive entertaining tone, reaching an audience mainly below 24-year old.

The purpose of Cities of Love is to become a non-denominational, apolitical and impactful network of non-profits serving harmonious human development and creating a ring of unified cities that care about the course of human history / evolution, and that will exchange best practices. We want to build partnerships with cities, communities and sponsors to celebrate urban life through story telling and generate life changing actions in these Cities of Love.






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