A Dual Approach for Better Social Impact


City, I Love You Platforms are launched by an international network of non-profit entities, which also means that brands / contributors get tax reliefs for their donation, an they can tap into their CSR budgets to publicize themselves. And the production of our City, I Love You feature-films remains in a profit-driven economy as they might require investments and loans to be fully financed. Our films have become promotional vehicles creating global visibility for a higher purpose.

Nevertheless, the Cities of Love film franchise is strongly supporting film education through various type of mentoring programs, and filmmaking know-how is first and foremost transferred from master to apprentice. Each of our films or initiative is the opportunity for aspiring filmmakers to be mentored and create images that will spread love in their cities. The Shanghai, I Love You Student Film Collective is an illustration of this, among others (www.shanghailoveyou.com).

The Cities of Love global initiative is contributing to the harmonious development of cities, unfolding into a unique model at the crossroads of Urban Development, Creativity & Innovation, and Media.


Produce a City, I Love You Film


After the international release of Paris, je t'aime and New York, I Love You, we started being approached by many cities and producers across the world, almost every week.

We thus created an entire system to produce what we call "collective feature-films"; even though our films are often assimilated to "anthologies", our goal and methodology are completely different. To optimize the content we end up with in the editing room, and succeed creating a unified and seamless feature-film experience with an ensemble of 10 different stories and directors involving A-list international / domestic talent, the standard organization and production process of a film has been entirely reconsidered and adapted.

This type of productions requires a specific and unusual approach that requested numerous organizational and legal adjustements, copyright registrations and negotiations with US Guilds. We consigned all the details in a 400-page Production Guideline (including contract templates, paperwork, industry deals, etc.), which is the result of 17 years of work, expenses and efforts on this format. It is only after completing that important step that we found ourselves in a position to do something quite unusual in the film industry: to sell licenses.

The first license that we sold is for Rio, I Love You in May 2009, which has been released in 2014. We are now working on numerous other installments with producers all around the world. Berlin, I Love You and Rotterdam, I Love You will be shot during Summer 2017.

In the end, we can sell licences because we have developped a unique know-how that protects us and is quite difficult to acquire; but also because we fight hard for our intellectual property: due to the notoriety of our films in the industry, infringing projects have a really hard time dissociating themselves from what we do, thus creating confusion and paving the way to litigations.

If you are interested, please contact us and we will guide you through the process.


Set up a Cities of Love Non-Profit in your Country


We have worked in different countries, and built specific Cities of Love strategies, production schemes and business models adapted to our format. Our concept is very modern and powerful, and if properly developped, each movie can become much than a feature-film, it can trigger an online cultural / social Platform with a large margin of action and innovation, and sustainable social media perspectives.

Rio, I love You was the first online Platform and gathered 1.5 million local active followers on Facebook in its first year and growing at the pace of 100,000 people per month; some of the posted videos were seen by 4 million people in a city of 12 million inhabitants. Most importantly, it is a tangible initiative that made a difference on a daily basis, engaging and empowering urban citizens to a grab their future.

As an example, the Delhi, I Love You initiative organized a poetry competition declaring love to the city: 8,000 poems were received in Hindi, Urdu, Penjabi and English; 18 million interactions were generated on Twitter; 40 poems selected by a jury to be made visible in the city; and 60 press articles were published including this one on BBC News.

Each City, I Love You Platform is defined as “A movement of love in and for the city that will turn into a movie”. After the release of the movie, each Platform remains fully active and becomes a sustainable force to keep creating Cities of Love content in the city generating more projects in the city. The goal is to position the city as a driving force in favor of sustainable development and to expand the initiative to other cities in the country. All the Cities of Love Platforms are non-profit endeavors that generate a lot of revenues and can become majority financiers of our feature-films.

If you are interested, please contact us and we will share more information with you.


Why Cities Need This


London, I Love You is an exciting endeavor that will bring the delights of our great city to audiences around the world. The silver screen is a fantastic way to promote the capital internationally and I hope the film will tempt even more visitors to discover the multitude of other stories to be found here. I look forward to it also unleashing the creativity of Londoners through the Cities of Love UK Foundation. ”  

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

Some cities have everything. Well, this is what they think. But the fact is they are not impacting our ecosystem in a way that guarantees the sustainable development of man. They launch numerous good initiatives, shelter and support a large variety of NGOs, but each of these actions is isolated and fail to have access to mass media. These cities are filled with the wrong media environment, and unable to create a positive and large sentiment of unity and destiny among their population.

Building the sustainable community of the people who love a city is like creating a massive audience for that city's future and impact on the world. Each good doer in the city will have a home and a platform to reach scale. Empowered citizens will develop the natural desire to engage into social change and the opportunity to look at themselves in that beautiful mirror that we have created.





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